Save 10% on EditShare EFS models now!

2. November 2023

Dear customers,
don’t miss the chance to save 10% on the purchase of an EFS-200 or EFS-300 until December 20th. In addition, the first 2 years of support are free!

EFS 200 – High-performance, scalable, shared storage for expanding media facilities. It is a scale-out shared storage that delivers the benefits of EditShare Filesystem-based storage in a size that meets the capacity and budget requirements of collaboration teams and smaller media shops. Thanks to its simple building-block approach, scaling storage capacity and throughput as the needs of the organization grow is as easy as adding more storage nodes.

EFS 300 – This high-performance storage delivers the performance and capacity required for today’s largest media-centric environments. Starting with a 16-drive configuration that provides generous bandwidth, the EFS 300 platform can easily scale from a single 64-TB master node that includes FLOW media management and ARK archiving workflow tools to a fully extended enterprise cluster of 1 PB or more.

The 10% offer is valid for the following models:


Contact Vural Bostanci from our sales team now ( or 0221-30 200 228) and request a quote!

Plese note:

  • EditShare’s standard terms and conditions of sale apply.
  • Additional support years can be purchased as an option at the time of purchase.

Offer conditions apply to orders for the above models received and delivered in Q4 2023.