We make fit what does not fit

Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid, DaVinci Resolve – no matter what video editing software your company uses, we know both its features and its pitfalls. Creative solutions are often required for the perfect connection to the rest of your IT infrastructure. This is exactly the core competence of the MoovIT Software Products team. Our colleagues turn a complex IT chaos into a smooth workflow. To do this, they use existing software or develop their own solutions.

Not infrequently, this results in their own software products, such as this one:


Vulcano is a web interface for accessing Adobe Motion Graphic templates to quickly and easily create image/text elements and then deploy them in Premiere Pro. Editing and inserting all graphical inserts such as belly bands, subtitles or logos is simplified or automated.

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Our TitleTool offers you the possibility to adapt videos country-specific and target group-oriented. Translate your videos on your own, add subtitles, update logos and graphics. Or discover the audio features for VoiceOver and background music customization. Webbased, agile and cost-efficient. Your video, your content…

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Roxy is a proxy panel for Adobe Premiere Pro. When importing a high-resolution file (e.g. Full HD), it creates a proxy file with identical image and sound content but significantly higher compression or lower resolution. Premiere users will then be able to access both files equally, and switch back and forth as needed…

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Coordinating and simplifying the video workflow for around 40 editing suites at the European Championship 2016 was the requirement that gave rise to our Helmut software. This has now grown into an entire product family that leaves nothing to be desired in post-production with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition…

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Our web application RevApp offers all common review and approval functionalities and unfolds many advantages especially in interaction with Helmut4. RevApp can also be run as a standalone tool. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.