System integration, tailored software development and workflow support already hint at how our working worlds are more complex and connected than ever before. For those moments when content meets technology, MoovIT provides you with slick solutions and workflows that work…and flow.

Our philosophy is simple: steer away from one-off products and focus instead on offering creative, all-encompassing solutions – solutions that come about by combining our services. As well as coming up with the initial planning, we will provide all necessary support throughout a project, and where necessary, after it’s ended too.

Call us today on +49 221 30 20 02 10 and we can help with the most important first step: finding out exactly what it is you need.



IT has created a world without limits. For businesses and agencies that operate internationally, our localisation and personalisation tool offers the chance to customise product and training videos based on country or target group, saving money and with the added-benefit of web-based flexibility.

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Are you unable to find the fitting software for your workflow? Maybe it’s because the perfect software is still waiting to be created! Such creative challenges are exactly what motivate our talented software developers. The results will be as unique as the original request.

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We’ve got everything to float the boat of a video-IT fanatic: NAS drives, complete editing suites and peripheral products such as monitors, cameras and accessories for your NLE-Schnittplatz. Something for every budget, from a variety of manufacturers.

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Managed Services

As a managed services provider we deal with the stress so you don’t have to. From desktop security to remote data backup and hosting, security is key to putting your mind at rest in these areas. Our skills are flexible and our capacities scalable.

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System Integration

No matter how good a workflow, sometimes it just isn’t compatible with updated setups and technology. This is where individual future-proof solutions are needed and our experience and ingenuity play a key role in helping us develop these.



Always there when you need us. You might find it hard to believe but around 90% of all problems can be solved over the phone. We’ll come and visit you to solve the remaining 10%. Our healthy relationship with manufacturers and our transparent price structures is positive for both of us.



MoovIT is a reliable partner, especially when things get a bit more complicated and there’s a need for unique tailor-made solutions.
Robby Groß, ACT

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