ORF optimises its workflow – using the HelmutFX software tool from MoovIT



The background

ORF – Austria’s national public service broadcaster – is headquartered in Vienna, where it also has a regional studio. It also operates regional studios in each of Austria’s states.

Currently, ORF produces the majority of its television programmes at its main studios in Vienna. In the next few years, it plans to establish a media centre in the city for the production of radio, TV and online programming.

ORF offers a wide variety of programming across all media channels, and places a strong emphasis on quality.


The requirement

ORF’s specialist TV production team in Vienna faced the challenge of switching from Final Cut to Adobe Premiere for its post-production tasks. As part of this transition, the team wanted to retain and evolve its workflows, some of which were already in place.

The goal was to seamlessly integrate Adobe Premiere into the existing infrastructure. Existing work processes across the system, including the editing room, archiving and content management systems, were to be altered as little as possible.


The solution

The MoovIT team suggested that the ORF specialists should leverage HelmutFX, the MoovIT tool developed for Premiere workflows. HelmutFX is a modular program that simplifies and automates production management, and significantly streamlines working processes.

During the planning phase, it became apparent that further HelmutFX modules would potentially benefit the ORF workflow, in addition to the automated data import and export modules.

For Premiere projects, HelmutFX manages user profiles and preferences by way of templates. Role-specific settings are managed in the background, while complex processes are personalised and standardised for individual users. As a result, the tool helps to prevent errors, improve structures and simplify routine processes.

The modular design protects the value of the investment. ORF will be able to expand and adapt HelmutFX to meet its evolving workflow requirements, both now and in
the future.


The implementation

A total of 50 workstations were converted during the first stage of implementation. New and legacy hardware is being used in parallel at these workstations; the adaptability of HelmutFX means that this has not created any issues.

New requirements and ideas came up regularly during the system conversion process, and the flexible MoovIT team was able to implement subsequent software adjustments without any problems. The planned timeline for testing and implementation was met successfully.

MoovIT provided ORF with knowledge, expertise and advice during the setup and implementation phases.


The benefits

The automated search, management and coordination functionality of HelmutFX offers numerous practical benefits:

  • Simplified data import and export
  • Pre-selection of content for import/export
  • Structuring of paths and file locations
  • Organisation of projects and project files
  • Safe, secure work due to prevention of accidental misuse/deletions
  • Management of cached and deleted files
  • Automated backup
  • Automated name administration for data transfer tasks
  • Integration into the entire infrastructure, e.g. for audio dubbing from Premiere to Pro Tools or the content management system – via simple, automated processes
  • Automated naming of projects and files creates clear structures for files and databases
  • Messaging tool notifies users if an error or damage occurs
  • Speed and security greatly increased for editing tasks


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