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The background

i&u TV was founded in 1990 by German television host Günther Jauch. The company produces a number of popular German television shows, such as stern TV, Günther Jauch Polittalk, Die Ultimative Chartshow, Die 2 – Gottschalk und Jauch gegen alle, Klein gegen Groß, Zeig mir die Welt, 5 gegen Jauch, and Menschen, Bilder, Emotionen.

i&u TV has been very successful – as can be seen from its record of exceptional TV ratings, its award-winning shows, and its workforce of 140 employees. These achievements owe a great deal to the company’s ongoing production processes, but also to its enormous, ever-expanding content archive.

The challenge

i&u TV recognised the importance of safeguarding its wealth of archived content for future use. The archive encompassed a wide range of formats, including discs and tapes, which were to be kept in pristine condition. Moreover, as this repository continued to expand, the company was compelled to save space and cut the electricity costs associated with climate control systems. At the same time, there was a need to increase process effi ciency; producers required fast, decentralised access to archived content, within the scope of ongoing production operations.

The company wished to digitise around 15,000 cassettes and some 8,000 hours of broadcast material, without resorting to copying, as this leads to a loss of quality. The goal of this ambitious project was to make i&u TV truly fi t for the future – and MoovIT came up with the perfect answer.


The solution

i&u TV’s archiving specialists have saved content from multiple disk and tape formats to a FileMaker database – including the corresponding ID, plus metadata such as text-based information.

The MoovIT InYourPlace (IYP) solution described below addresses all aspects of the archiving team’s work – including fully automated content digitisation/archiving, and simplified search processes.

Two EditShare Geevs servers enable ingest of up to six sources (two times three) simultaneously. The system is controlled using MoovIT’s InYourPlace ingest tool. The solution assigns an ID and timecode to each item of content. The files are migrated in high resolution from the IYP server to a StrongBox, where for reasons of redundancy, two LTO tapes – each with a capacity of 2.5 terabytes (approx. 100 hours of video content) – are produced simultaneously and automatically. The main tape remains inside the system, while the second copy is ejected through a slot and retained as an external backup.

While this is taking place, MoovIT’s IYP server generates proxy files that can be previewed by users searching for content.

MoovIT has developed a workflow to fit the specific needs of i&u TV. Editors quickly find the content they require, and can use this material in a variety of ways. Moreover, the solution addresses the imperatives of archiving teams – creating a process that speeds up searches and takes licensing restrictions into account.

If an editor wishes to use the IYP tool to obtain material on a particular topic, the first step is to contact the archiving department. The archiving specialists use the FileMaker database to search for the desired content and locate the corresponding proxy files on the IYP server. They then email a link to the editor, allowing him or her to access the preview files. The editor can delete any unwanted content and add their selected file(s) to a basket. The editorial or cutting teams then receive the full, high-resolution file via Synology NAS (Network Attached Storage) for further processing.

MoovIT’s InYourPlace solution forges a powerful digital link between the editing and archiving teams. As a result, i&u TV’s workflow is far cheaper and faster – leading to significant efficiency gains.


The implementation

MoovIT partnered i&u TV at every stage of the project, from initial idea to implementation. Where possible, MoovIT sought to retain the existing infrastructure, adding additional components where necessary. The entire archiving process was reengineered to incorporate the InYourPlace solution. MoovIT specialists installed the hardware and software, and also provided training and support to users at i&u TV – ensuring seamless operations both during and after the transition period.


The benefits

i&u TV’s editorial team, archiving specialists and senior managers are delighted with the new solution, which safeguards valuable archive materials for future use.

The company no longer needs to maintain climate-controlled storage space for its archive of approximately 15,000 tapes. Existing storage rooms can now be repurposed.

The new archive is housed in a room measuring just nine square metres, and comprises 72 LTO 6 tapes.

Searching for content is now far less time-intensive, and InYourPlace eliminates the need to physically carry tapes from the archiving department to the editor’s desk. Remote access to content previews enables all team members to collaborate in real time, saves time and effort, cuts costs and supports the production process.


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