New MoovIT concept significantly cuts video localisation costs

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The requirement

Global business players often use videos to advertise their products, communicate with employees and distribution partners, and enhance their overall image. Many of these videos are used on a long-term basis without any alterations – but if content needs to be updated, or revised for a specific national market, the costs soon add up. It is not uncommon for enterprises to pay seven-figure sums over the course of a year for precisely these kinds of changes.

The technical term for this process is localisation. In concrete terms, localisation entails tailoring all content – including text, language, graphics and logos – to the specific requirements of each national market, so that the same video, with authorised, up-to-date content, can be used in multiple countries.

But what if there was a way to significantly reduce localisation costs without requiring additional creative services, increasing the workload of your staff, or compromising existing workflows?

MoovIT has developed a concept that addresses these precise needs. The variables are: the number of videos to be localised each year, the languages used, and the processing costs in each case. These costs typically range between €200 and €1,000.

Here’s an example. Imagine that a business produces 50 product videos per year, and localises these videos into 35 languages. In this example, the business would be charged the following, depending on the processing costs:

Example 1: 50 × 35 × €200 = €350,000

Example 2: 50 × 35 × €1,000 = €1,750,000

As you can see, the business in this example faces a bill of between €350,000 and €1,750,000 per year for video localisation. But MoovIT’s innovative concept could lower these costs by approximately 60 per cent.


The MoovIT solution

MoovIT provides central storage, so that users can store the original data of the video they produce. MoovIT’s innovative software enables you to enter text in the target language via a browser-based interface. In the background, the software updates your video automatically. Additional information, such as contact details and country codes, can be updated in the same way. At MoovIT, we ensure seamless integration – so your data is available in appropriate formats for distribution (web, mobile devices, etc.), and/or can be sent to your content management system, if applicable. However, if your organisation faces a different localisation challenge, let us know – and we’ll do everything we can to find the perfect solution for you. We would be very happy to meet you to discuss the complex process of localisation. We are confident that our expertise will help you to achieve significant cost savings.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact Wolfgang Felix at MoovIt.


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