Surely there’s got to be a better way to integrate IT and video.

That’s what we thought back in 2011 when we felt we could do things better and this was the motivation which led to us forming MoovIT one year later.

A team of like-minded nerds and non-nerds from a diverse range of backgrounds, we are driven by the same motivation: to find creative solutions to your workflow problems. Sometimes they exist already, sometimes they need to be created by us. Either way, our aim is to put the flow back into your workflow.

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To read more about the individuals behind MoovIT, read on.

If there was a word to describe the unique combination of being ‘creative’ and ‘devoted to technology’, this would be the perfect label to describe our team.

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Wolfgang Felix

The Visionary

When it’s hard to see the wood for the trees, Wolfgang keeps focussed on the bigger picture. Whether for small or large projects, the experienced marketing director and trained TV technician comes up with ideas and sees them turned into reality.

+49 221 30 2002 – 23


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Katja Meyer

The Multitasker

Katja is a media manager who can do, well, almost anything – and that simultaneously! What to the outside world might appear as chaos, is actually extremely well-organised, meaning Katja always has time for her clients too. 

+49 221 30 2002 – 222


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Jan Fröhling

The Planner

No problem is too complex and no solution too special for the service engineer and broadcast & IT technician Jan. He makes the impossible possible and is a master of improvisation who doesn’t give in until he gets what he wants.

Coffee consumption in 8 hours: approx. 1 litre

+49 221 30 2002 – 242


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Tobias Trumpfheller

The Perfectionist

IT specialist Tobias understands everything there is to know about his subject area which is why we made him King of our in-house IT department. Any hint of a problem gets taken care of directly meaning chaos simply doesn’t stand a chance.

 Multi-purpose weapon: cable ties

+49 221 30 2002 – 241


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Rafael Hutter

The Linguist

There’s one word that this software developer and linguist doesn’t understand: “impossible”. Quitting simply isn’t an option for Rafael and every project is a personal challenge which is only complete once it’s 110% perfect.

Literary hero: Bob the Builder

+49 221 30 2002 – 271


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David Geraci

The Boy Scout

David is a multi-lingual and versatile Sales Manager who lives to the motto “be prepared”. No matter how large or small the problem or chaos, David’s at a customer’s side ready to advise at all times.

Recommended distance to keep from gesticulations: 1.5m

+49 221 30 2002 – 225


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Claudia Starke

The Information Guru

When it comes to dealing with facts, MoovIT’s very own (and charming) information sponge Claudia soaks up what’s thrown her way. She then processes them with the prowess of a juggler and communicates them with a purposeful professionalism.

Record: 400 words per minute

+49 221 30 2002 – 224


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Pano Panajiotis Papadopoulos

The philosopher

It is said that as well as being great warriors, Spartans were the best educated in philosophy and speaking too. For us, this is Pano. Always giving thought to the customers’ needs and leading them in the fight against inefficient and expensive AV/broadcasting technology.

+49 221 6 40 09 – 964


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David Merzenich

The Engineer

Ingenium workflowsis (the ingenious invention of workflows) describes the art form of an engineer who’s focussed on finding the perfect workflow. And that’s David’s passion: coming up with the perfect offer, following up with the perfect coffee break.

+49 221 30 2002 – 221


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Dirk Claußen

The Artist

Dirk’s a bassist, a photographer and – in his day job – an IT specialist. Despite his arty ways, he’s somebody who works in an extremely systematic fashion yet he’s always able to tap into some added creativity when out-of-the-box is needed. 

+49 221 30 2002 – 243


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Jessika Hardenacke

The Robin Hood

Our part-time bookkeeper Jessika has a keen eye for accuracy and definitely makes sure our books are constantly on target. She’s a family person and loves living in the country: her home office is definitely her castle.

+49 221 30 2002 – 10

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Martin Güler


Martin is a sales assistant who isn’t scared of the impossible. The enthusiastic hobby programmer sees a mountain of work piled up on his desk as a challenge and prides himself on ensuring customers are always kitted out with the right equipment.

+49 221 640099 – 66

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Severin Siebertz


Concentration is key in everything Severin does: whether on his motorbike, playing with photoshop or in his role as software developer. The audio-visual media designer has an eye for detail and remains focussed on ensuring everything stays on track.

+49 221 302002 – 73

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Florian Detmer

The sails man

Ex-cameraman and adobe sailor Florian is a hardware expert who can judge the needs of his customers like he does the waves of the ocean. His passion for technology and his wealth of knowledge is definitely a breath of fresh air for everyone.

+49 221 640099 – 63

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Markus Penderek

The balanced one

Markus’ passion for programming, logical thinking and ability to focus are fundamental to his JAVA programming duties. And even when the heat is on, his skills as an inline and ice skater will ensure he keeps his calm and maintains his balance at all times.

+49 221 302002 – 72

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Riccardo Nuzzi

The music master

Riccardo enjoys a challenge and whether it’s in his role as JAVA programmer or at home playing his electric guitar, he refuses to give up until he’s mastered the challenge at hand. And that’s welcome music to everyone’s ears.

+49 221 302002 – 74

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Vural Bostanci

The mood maker

Vural, is an avid reader who loves to sit down in his free time and escape to a world of fiction. In his role as sales manager however, he loves communicating with people and rarely gets stressed. He says there’s nothing more productive than a good mood.

+49 221 302002 – 28

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Nils Steffens

The speed freak

Perhaps its Nils’ passion for wheel-based sports that helps him see things through to the end. The skateboard and motorsport enthusiast always goes the distance in his role as IT system administrator making sure nothing is ever left unfinished.

+49 221 302002 – 27

We’ve been working with MoovIT in the areas of post production and archiving for well over three years. Rarely have we come across such an authentic and enthusiastic team who are equally prompt and committed. I look forward to experiencing many new and exciting projects with them in the future.
Darko Matanovic, Produktionsleiter Postproduktion
I&U TV Produktion GmbH & Co. KG

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